Cisco Webex Room Series

Cisco Webex Room 55S & 55D | Cisco Webex Room 70S & 70D 

Cisco Webex Room 55 and 55 Dual

Webex Room 55 is a powerful, fully integrated collaboration system that brings more intelligence and usability to your small- to medium-sized meeting rooms.

The Room 55, which includes camera, codec, display, speaker system, and microphones integrated in a single device, is optimized for rooms that seat up to seven people. It is an all-in-one, integrated system that’s easy to install, use, deploy, and manage. It’s crafted with high-quality components:

  • professional 4K display for longevity and minimal latency,
  • powerful digital zoom camera for discreet tracking,
  • sophisticated speaker system and amplifier to deliver rich sound, and
  • a light industrial design that combines aluminum and fabric for a sustainable and humanizing effect.

The Cisco Room 55 has the Webex Room Kit as its base technology. It brings new capabilities such as speaker tracking, automatic wake-up, and people count. This enables even smarter meetings, smarter presentation capabilities and smarter room and device integrations.

These features and functionalities further remove the barriers to usage and deployment of video in small- to medium-sized meeting rooms. The Room 55 is rich in functionality but is priced and designed to be easily scalable to all of your meeting rooms and spaces.

Cisco Room 70 and 70 Dual (70D G2)

Cisco Room 70 is the flagship video collaboration product within the Cisco Room Series portfolio. The Room 70 is available in two configurations:

  • Room 70 Single (70S) with one 70″ LED screen for a people-focused experience, and
  • Room 70 Dual (70D) with two 70” LED screens for a people-focused and people/content-focused experience.

The systems combine beautiful design and powerful functionality into an all-in-one solution for medium-to-large rooms. Room 70 will transform your meeting spaces into a video collaboration hub – whether for connecting teams across the globe or for local meetings.

The Room 70 – comprising a powerful codec, a quad-camera, and 70” single or dual 4K display(s) with integrated speakers and microphones – is ideal for rooms that seat up to 14 people. It offers sophisticated camera technologies that bring speaker-tracking and auto-framing capabilities to medium to large-sized rooms.