VTC Products

Whether you’re looking to outfit a few users, scale an entire enterprise, or to upgrade and maintain your existing VTCs, ITG has solutions. We specialize in VTC products from every major manufacturer including; Cisco, Creston, Poly and Extron.

Our in-depth knowledge of product lines along with our longstanding relationships with OEMs gives us the ability to integrate VTC seamlessly with your existing gear. We consider your current equipment, infrastructure and budget to make the best equipment recommendations to suit your VTC needs. Let an ITG sales rep contact you today for a free consultation, product spec sheets, and quotes.

Our VTC Products meet the following requirements:

  • TAA Compliant
  • JITC Certified
  • ISDN Compatible
  • Secure Environments (SCIF)
  • NIST Compliant
  • FIPS 140-2 Certified
  • Multi-Manufacturer Interoperability

ITG Video Conferencing Solutions

As video conferencing has evolved from a largely proprietary and cost prohibitive technology, to an affordable and scalable communication solution, the benefits have proven to go well beyond simply reduced travel costs. Avid users of video conferencing also site positive impact in hiring practices, employee retention, sustained competitive advantage and increased productivity.

Using video to conduct interviews enables government and business leaders to increase the pool of candidates outside the immediate geography, without incurring travel costs, thereby increasing the ability to hire the “right” candidate. Selecting the right candidate is critical to any organization’s success and hiring the wrong applicant is a financial burden that leads to turnover, more hiring, training and overall, more costs.

Government and Business leaders see improvements in productivity as diverse teams are able to work together in a more collaborative environment using integrated video/data/voice communications. Using the available technologies, training sessions are delivered more frequently, improving performance and driving increases in productivity across all departments.

As business and government needs have become more global in nature, the requirements for integrated communications have increased considerably. Fortunately, the technology has advanced at the same rate. Government and commercial users are well on their way in migrating from ISDN based solutions to IP implementations which now are far more affordable and fit their unified communications strategy.

As a certified partner of all major VTC related manufactures, as well as a world class IT service provider, ITG is uniquely positioned to deliver best-of- breed VTC solutions that fit the customer requirements, strategy and budget.

With robust teams of OEM certified engineers and installation technicians, ITG has designed, tested, documented, deployed and supported some of the largest and most complex VTC enterprise implementations in the federal government. As an Audio/Video integration specialist, ITG also provides large scale room design, installation, custom engineering and support for its federal government and commercial customers. ITG has provided A/V integration for the US Department of Defense at the Pentagon, to include secure switching, ISDN and IP based video collaboration rooms, often referred to as ‘war rooms”.

As well, ITG currently provides all hardware, installation, onsite and helpdesk support for Defense Contract Management Agency, (DCMA). To date, ITG has successfully installed and currently supports more than 300 VTC rooms for this Agency.

With a global presence including operations throughout EMEA and APAC, ITG also supports all video communications efforts for DoDEA Schools and has rolled out more than 100 new VTC rooms extending the reach of its teachers, optimizing the delivery of coursework to its most remote students.

So, the technology is available, the needs are obvious and the IT services industry is ready to provide the skilled labor and know-how it takes to make Unified Communications a success.