Creston Power Supplies


The PC-300 is a professional grade, rack-mountable power conditioner and controller designed to provide 120 Volt AC power distribution, switching, surge protection, noise filtering, and energy monitoring for Crestron® control systems, AV systems, computers, and other equipment. Eight individually switched outlets are provided on the rear panel, plus a single unswitched convenience outlet is provided on the front. All nine outlets are protected, filtered, and monitored.

The switched outlets are each turn-on delay-adjustable when controlled from the front panel power switch. The switched outlets are also individually controllable via a control system to enable independent switching of devices, on/off power sequencing, load-shedding, and other custom power control functionality

Built-in RMS voltage and current monitoring enables logging and reporting of line voltage fluctuations at the input, as well as current, power, and energy usage at each outlet. An external temperature sensor is included to keep tabs on heat conditions within the equipment rack or room. Network connectivity allows for setup and operation using a web browser, with extensive custom control and monitoring capabilities enabled through integration with a Crestron control system, the residential monitoring service, the Crestron Fusion® Cloud enterprise management service, or an SNMP client

Key Features PC-300

  • Rack-mountable power conditioner and controller
  • Eight individual-switched rear panel outlets
  • Adjustable turn-on delay and local/remote switching per outlet
  • One unswitched front panel outlet
  • Built-in current sensing and energy monitoring per outlet
  • Line voltage monitoring
  • Professional grade surge protection
  • UL® 1449 Type 3 Listed
  • Thermal breaker overload protection


The PWE-4803RU is an 802.3af compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) power source designed to support PoE powered devices such as the Crestron® CEN-WAP-ABG-1GWireless Access Point. Standards-based Power over Ethernet affords a one-wire solution for connecting Ethernet devices, delivering power and data over a single CAT5/6 network cable. Using the PWE-4803RU, there is no need to install a separate power supply at the device location. The PWE-4803RU can simply be mounted at any convenient location up to 100 meters (328 feet) from the device.