Poly Conference Cameras

Poly Studio

Meet Poly Studio, the premium USB video bar built for small rooms and big ideas. Delivering the best audio quality in its class, it blocks distracting sounds that can interrupt meetings. Teams on both ends of the call catch every word. With group framing and automatic speaker tracking, the connection feels personal.

They see all the important details, too—right down to body language and facial expressions. Easy to manage? Of course. The cloud-based management tools let IT push software updates and make settings changes without ever leaving their desk. Poly Studio. The shortcut to better huddle room collaboration.

  • Acoustic Fence keeps voices outside the room from interrupting your calls
  • Up to 3.7 m/12 ft microphone pickup range
  • Smart-camera experiences are built in—no drivers or software needed
  • Centralized management enables high-scale deployments
  • Works with nearly any video platform


Today, people work in a variety of spaces—from a desk, at home or in the office, a huddle room or on the go.

Not any old camera will do. To experience cloud-based video meetings in a meaningful way, you need vivid color, clear detail and the ability to detect sometimes subtle, nonverbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions. When people can see each other, they feel more emotionally connected and engaged. This results in reduced meeting fatigue and enhanced decision-making abilities.

The feature-rich EagleEye Mini USB camera is optimized for use in personal and small room environments. Some of its key highlights include high definition 1080p video, electronic pan, tilt and 4x zoom for an image that remains at its highest capable resolution even when fully zoomed. EagleEye Mini brings forth true color hue saturation, backlight compensation, and autofocus optimized for smaller environments ensuring accurate, sharp, life-like images. EagleEye Mini supports simulcast streams so far-end participants will enjoy the highest resolution their endpoint can accommodate. For added security, the integrated privacy shutter prevents unintentional use of your camera.

Poly Eagleeye IV

High definition video imaging

Polycom® EagleEye™ cameras provide the ultimate experience to optimize video collaboration. EagleEye™ IV and EagleEye™ Acoustic cameras are designed to meet your varying environments and applications in conjunction with Polycom® RealPresence® Group Series video systems. From huddle rooms, to desktops, classrooms to customized board rooms, Polycom EagleEye cameras deliver best in class video quality to all participants.

All Polycom EagleEye cameras offer the following features:

  • High definition video transmission
  • Clear, crisp natural colors from precisely tuned optics
  • Quick, fluid movements with sharp focus
  • Camera power supplied by Polycom RealPresence Group Series video system eliminating the need for a power supply


High performance HD camera for Microsoft Skype Room Systems and Polycom Trio™

The Polycom® EagleEye™ IV USB camera provides a best-in-class quality video collaboration experience for Polycom® MSR™ and other Microsoft-certified Skype Room Systems. Certified by Microsoft as a Skype Room System camera peripheral, the EagleEye IV USB camera delivers a premium HD video experience with a pan, tilt and 12x optical zoom capability suitable for medium and large sized meeting spaces.

The EagleEye IV USB camera also delivers a premium HD video experience when utilized with Polycom Trio™ 8800.

Poly Eagleeye Cube

HD camera with intelligent group framing and legendary audio turns passive meetings into powerful experiences

More than half of what we convey is based on body language, such as eye contact, posture, and facial expressions. Being able to see and hear all meeting participants clearly ensures that meaning is clear, and collaboration is more productive because people are more attentive and engaged.

Companies require enhanced experiences for all participants in remote meetings. The problem with most video technology in smaller rooms is a narrow field of view that cuts people on the edges out of the frame. In other rooms, everyone is in the frame, but look a million miles away because the camera can’t zoom and crop the frame simultaneously to keep everyone in focus.

The EagleEye Cube camera solves this problem with a wide field-of-view and more importantly, intelligent group framing. Everyone is in the frame, and clearly visible, with HD resolution and 5X zoom that uses a 4K sensor to deliver great quality in up close shots. Meeting participants stay hands-free, avoiding that vertigo-like spin that happens during manual adjustment. With distractions averted, productive collaboration continues uninterrupted.

Poly Eagleeye Director II

Meeting across sites is as natural as being in the same room now that presenters are seen up close without fumbling with technology. EagleEye Director II camera automatically zooms in on an active speaker without the use of a remote control or camera presets.

EagleEye Director II takes video conferencing to the next level so meeting participants no longer have to worry whether they’re in camera view or stop the conversation to grab the remote control. For larger meetings, two EagleEye Director II cameras can be connected via Cascading Mode to ensure every part of your meeting is in view. Now, 100% of your time in meetings is focusing on the bigger issue—solving critical business problems.


By zooming in and framing active speakers, everyone will be able to clearly see vital facial expressions and any subtle body language which allows for deeper engagement and more effective meetings. Utilizing the latest in speaker tracking and facial recognition technologies, EagleEye Director II continually scans the room and commands the cameras to appropriately frame everyone in the room. When someone in the room starts to speak, the system seamlessly transitions to an up-close view of that speaker, similar to a TV-production experience.

Poly Eagleeye Producer

Polycom® EagleEye™ Producer changes the face of video collaboration through automatic, intimate framing of meeting participants. Utilizing the latest in facial recognition and speaker tracking technologies, the system continually scans the room and seamlessly commands the movable camera to pan, tilt, and zoom, appropriately framing the users. As someone in the room begins
speaking, the system cuts directly to an appropriately framed view of that speaker.

This intelligent method of camera tracking greatly improves user experience and solves the common problem of wide angle shots that fail to immerse the participants, showing true expressions and understanding.