UCS B-Series Blade Servers

Cisco UCS Blade Servers

Enhance performance with 4- and 2-socket servers

Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers are based on Intel® Xeon® processors. They work with virtualized and non-virtualized applications to increase performance, energy efficiency, flexibility, and administrator productivity.

Cisco UCS B200 M5 Blade Server

The Cisco UCS B200 M5 Blade Server delivers performance, flexibility, and optimization for deployments in data centers, in the cloud, and at remote sites. This enterprise-class server offers market-leading performance, versatility, and density without compromise for workloads, including Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), web infrastructure, distributed databases, converged infrastructure, and enterprise applications.

The B200 M5 server can quickly deploy stateless physical and virtual workloads through programmable, easy-to-use Cisco UCS Manager and Cisco Intersight and simplified server access through Cisco SingleConnect technology. It includes:

  • 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable and Intel Xeon Scalable processors with up to 28 cores per socket
  • Up to 24 DDR4 DIMMs for improved performance with up to 12 DIMM slots ready for Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory
  • Up to 2 GPUs
  • Up to 2 Small Form-Factor (SFF) drives
  • Up to 2 SD cards or M.2 SATA drives
  • Up to 80 Gbps of I/O throughput

Cisco UCS B480 M5 Blade Server

The enterprise-class Cisco UCS® B480 M5 Blade Server delivers market-leading performance, versatility, and density without compromise for memory-intensive mission-critical enterprise applications and virtualized workloads, among others.

With the B480 M5, you can quickly deploy stateless physical and virtual workloads with the programmability that Cisco UCS Manager and Cisco® SingleConnect technology enable. Customers gain support for Intel® Xeon® scalable processors, higher density 256G DDR4 DIMMs, new second-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and the new Intel® Optane DC Persistent Memory.

Additionally, these B480 M5 servers offer up to 12 terabytes (TB) of DDR4 memory or 18 TB using 24x256G DDR4 DIMMs and 24x512G Intel® Optane DC Persistent Memory; four SAS, SATA, and NVMe drives; M.2 storage; up to four GPUs and 160 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for I/O throughput, all leading to exceptional performance, flexibility, and I/O throughput to run your most demanding applications.

The B480 M5 is a full-width blade server supported by the Cisco UCS 5108 Blade Server Chassis. The 5108 chassis and the Cisco B-Series Blade Servers provide inherent architectural advantages:

  • Through Cisco UCS, gives you the architectural advantage of not having to power, cool, manage, and purchase excess switches (management, storage, and networking), Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), and Network Interface Cards (NICS) in each blade chassis
  • Reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by removing management modules from the chassis, making the chassis stateless
  • Provides a single, highly available Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) management domain for all system chassis and rack servers, reducing administrative tasks