ITG plans and re-engineers all processes as necessary for continuous improvement. It is our policy to monitor progress using metrics that are aligned with our business objectives. Using CENTRE, we collect performance, customer satisfaction and financial data and make that data available to management as a basis for improvement recommendations and actions.  We use that data to make decisions based on defined criteria.

Planning and Implementing Product Integration

Further, consideration is given to the following activities as appropriate in meeting the specified integration requirements for contracted services:

  • Controls, processes, documents, equipment, fixtures, total production resources, and skills that are needed to achieve the required quality have been identified and acquired.
  • Deliveries of service, production processes, installation, servicing, inspections and test procedures, and the applicable documentation have been assessed for compatibility.  Documentation that describes how the processes of the Business Quality Management System are applied to a specific contract is prepared, as applicable.   Such quality plans describe the sequence of processes and sub-processes required to achieve the contracted services including specified performance objectives.
  • Delivery of service, production process, installation, servicing, inspection and test procedures and applicable documentation has been assessed for compatibility.
  • Selection of quality control, inspection and testing techniques, including the development of new techniques, are chosen and implemented as necessary.
  • Suitable verification, validation, monitoring, inspection and test activities at appropriate stages of the product/service realization have been identified and documented and acceptance criteria determined, as applicable.
  • Identification of records has been made and the records are being maintained as described in documented procedures.