In an effort to ensure our customers maximize the return on their investment, ITG provides   comprehensive end user training as part of the implementation plan. Once implementation and testing are successfully completed a member of the ITG engineering team is designated to conduct training.

We offer two forms of curriculum, one fairly basic but hands on tutorial designed for the day to day non-technical end user. This course involves everything from powering the system up to placing calls and basic trouble shooting.

The session also serves to familiarize the end user with all features and functionality of the system such as address books, directories, multi-point calls etc. We generally recommend that there be no more than 8 end users trained at a time. Many of our customers also find this a very effective “train the trainer” model.

The second training is a bit more technical and is designed for the IT staff supporting the systems. This curriculum covers set up, configuration, general maintenance and a much more detailed dive into troubleshooting.